Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wood Planks as a backsplash

I've been in a serious stage of lusting for a white kitchen. There is something so fresh and calming about a crisp white kitchen.  My house was built in 2007 so everything is new and updated but it's not my style. I have cherry cabinets and a beige tile backslash and it's way to DARK. I don't want to spend a lot of money and the bulk of the money would go to getting new tiles and having someone installing them. Painting the cabinets wouldn't cost too much.  

I was feeling really torn about what to do for tiles because I didn't want to get something that would clash with the dark granite. Then one day I saw a really good (and cost effective) idea for a kitchen backsplash... 

wood planks. 

I think they look lovely and I think it's the route I'm going to take. 

Colors of my kitchen in it's current state. Not my cup of tea. 

white plank backsplash idea's

What do you think of planked walls? I think they are beyond lovely. 

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