Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mason Jar Lovin'

I love mason jars. 

Love them.

They are so simple but they add character to your space. The first mason jar was created in 1858 and I love anything that has deep history.  

All the mason jars that I own are vintage with zinc lids. I found these in a little antique shop in South Haven, Michigan. I got a steal on these! $3.50 for the smaller ones and $7 for the larger ones. I've priced them on etsy, I got a steal. My advice to you is to check antique shops rather than overspending online (unless you're desperate for them...  and I know the feeling).  

I have a single mason jar on my mantle in my living room 

I added a couple above my cabinets in the kitchen 

I'm pretty sure I have enough mason jars and should stop now... but that's not always how I roll when I love something. Birds for example... I can't just have one, I need 13. 

Not real birds. These....

I jumped on that bandwagon, ya think?

Go get your mason on. 


  1. Too funny - loving all the birds in your decor - I don't blame you for accumulating so many - they're such a cute touch. Also love the vintage mason jars!

  2. Love Everything Sarah! :) Beautiful Colors!


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!