Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

Normally I wait until after Thanksgiving to drag up the Christmas stuff but this year I felt, well, like a kid at Christmas. I.could.not.wait. This month seems to be flying by and I thought, why the heck not! I only did a little though, just to satisfy my Christmas decor thirst. I tired to bring up the more neutral things and leave most the red and green until December. 

So, here are the few things that I have done so far and the way I move around here, it will change. New things will be added, brought up, and rearranged. But for now, this is what I've done. 

I found this sign at a little shop in the summer and I HAD to have it. Free snow here... so when it's arrives, it's ALL yours. Take it. Please. 

A neutral November mantel just waiting for December for stockings, fresh greenery, and more, oh my. 
Reindeer is from Marshall's, Ornament vine from Marshall's, Wood candle holder from Marshall's, ahhh... everything on my mantel is from Marshall's except the painting (which I did), clearly... I like Marshall's. Clearly.    

White nutcracker is from Lowes, silver ornaments from Tar-jay, and glass holder is from Home Goods.  

And again, Marshall's. The bucket, green tree, and reindeer... Marshall's. It's my 2nd home. 

This setting is not permanent. It was kind of a rushed one minute job right before the kids bath. It will do for the moment but it's not staying. 

I have so many more goodies waiting for me in the Christmas box... I can't wait to really go all cray cray up in here and Christmas this place out. 

But for now... this is what I have. 

Have you started Christmas decorating yet? I don't know what it is about this year but it seems like everyone is decorating a lot sooner than years past. I wonder why.... 

Have a wonderful day, afternoon, night.. wherever you are.... hope today is beautiful for you!

Sarah Bella

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wood Planks as a backsplash

I've been in a serious stage of lusting for a white kitchen. There is something so fresh and calming about a crisp white kitchen.  My house was built in 2007 so everything is new and updated but it's not my style. I have cherry cabinets and a beige tile backslash and it's way to DARK. I don't want to spend a lot of money and the bulk of the money would go to getting new tiles and having someone installing them. Painting the cabinets wouldn't cost too much.  

I was feeling really torn about what to do for tiles because I didn't want to get something that would clash with the dark granite. Then one day I saw a really good (and cost effective) idea for a kitchen backsplash... 

wood planks. 

I think they look lovely and I think it's the route I'm going to take. 

Colors of my kitchen in it's current state. Not my cup of tea. 

white plank backsplash idea's

What do you think of planked walls? I think they are beyond lovely. 

Mason Jar Lovin'

I love mason jars. 

Love them.

They are so simple but they add character to your space. The first mason jar was created in 1858 and I love anything that has deep history.  

All the mason jars that I own are vintage with zinc lids. I found these in a little antique shop in South Haven, Michigan. I got a steal on these! $3.50 for the smaller ones and $7 for the larger ones. I've priced them on etsy, I got a steal. My advice to you is to check antique shops rather than overspending online (unless you're desperate for them...  and I know the feeling).  

I have a single mason jar on my mantle in my living room 

I added a couple above my cabinets in the kitchen 

I'm pretty sure I have enough mason jars and should stop now... but that's not always how I roll when I love something. Birds for example... I can't just have one, I need 13. 

Not real birds. These....

I jumped on that bandwagon, ya think?

Go get your mason on. 

Starting over

Starting over. A blank slate. 

I've had this blog for a few years and when I started it I wasn't even really sure what my decor style was. I always loved home decor and decorating but I was making do with what I had at the time and it wasn't really "me".... at all. Over the years I've finally figured it out and found a style to call my own. 

Rustic chic, farmhouse, vintage, french inspired  eclectic,  beachy... and a whole lotta mint/turquoise. I finally figured out. Now I can look around and not cringe. 

Not cringing is good. 

So, welcome to my "new" blog. Here I hope to share what I've done in my home, frequent fun home decor hauls (hello, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to Home Goods), diy projects, and my daily life as a mother trying to keep my house in order with two little boys running around trying to draw on my couch. :)

Starting over feels good. 

Here we go.